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Updated 10th March 2018

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t’s a really bad day at the office for us, by far our worst performance of the season. Yes we were missing 7 players with Frazer Hall also getting injured in the warm up and the conditions were atrocious but there is no excuse for our performance in the game.

Every time you play Hermes you know you are going to have to stand up to their physical threat as that is their identity and for the first 45 minutes in particular we never laid a glove on them. Hermes came out showing the higher intensity, greater enthusiasm for the game and a greater threat where their players had an appetite to commit bodies forward and test us defensively whilst some of our players allowed runners to come through into the defence just expecting those runners to be picked up by someone else. We failed to deal with balls being played in behind us for the majority of the match and never dealt with the bodies they committed in attack. Frustratingly for us it wasn’t as if the Hermes movement in forward areas was good, they were all straight runs with no rotational movement or crossover runs which would have caught our defence off guard, it was basic straight runs and we failed to deal with that and deservedly lost the game as a result.

In the second half we showed a better appetite and carried a greater threat by showing better composure when in possession however in the three goals we scored we more or less conceded a goal straight after which continually gave us a mountain to climb to get back into the game. 

On the day we have no complaints about the result as we failed to show our qualities and we simply have to put it down to what it was, a bad day at the office and we move onto next week and look to get a better performance and a result to match.