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Maud History Page

I have managed to unearth some facts about Maud Juniors from the 1987-88 Season and will be gradually updating the facts as I dig deeper !

At the moment I have compiled a table  showing our recent history in the last 28 years in the League campaigns including last Season when we finished Runners Up in the Superleague, the best League position in our history, so far !

The Recent Past - UPDATED!!

We have a load of photos from a local from Maud FC of yesteryear.

This is a sample of Maud FC from what we think is the 1930’s

PLUS a copy of a Cup Final Program

If you have any info on this team or you have any other photos you’d like us to add, just email us.

If you know any of the players in the photos and want to let us know how they are getting on just email us. if you have any others, again let me know.

These were recently given to us for inclusion on the website and as you can see, we have a long and proud history starting off from this one in the 1930’s

There are also a lot below including the program from the  hans-fyfe trophy in 1971 , hand written !

Further back in the Past

This page is a collection of photos from many years back, if you know any of the players in any of the photos, or the years, just Email Us

Unfortunately I took most of the colour photos, shows how old I am !